A diamond manufactured from the carbon found in a hybrid cannabis strain: Bruce Banner crossed with Stardawg, marketed as Star Spangled Bruce Banner. The gem's girdle is laser-inscribed with title, date, artist's name, original carbon material, and diamond certification code.

Bruce Banner is the mild-mannered alter-ego of the Incredible Hulk. Banner is a nuclear physicist who was caught in the blast of his own "gamma bomb" which he invented for the U.S. military. As The Hulk, his strength increases in proportion to his anger, which is functionally limitless.

Hulk was originally grey, but due to a printing glitch in his first 1962 issue he appeared green on certain pages. Stan Lee preferred the glitch and asked colorist Stan Goldberg to make him green for the second issue.

When sufficiently enraged, Hulk has destroyed entire planets and punched his way between temporal and spatial dimensions. His durability, endurance and regeneration similarly scale in proportion to his anger, allowing him to heal from wounds in seconds. The Hulk has withstood the equivalent of solar temperatures, nuclear explosions, planet-shattering impacts; on separate occasions he has recovered from being blown to powder and from complete destruction of most of his body.

Bill Bixby as Bruce Banner, 1978. Getty Images